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Bespoke Wedding Rings : What to Expect

Whether you have something in mind, or you would like some design guidance, here you will work together with Lily to create a pair of bespoke wedding rings that are built to last generations.

A consultation is free of charge and can be done via email/ telephone/ Skype.

Here is an outline of what you can expect when ordering bespoke wedding rings from us in six steps. v_shaped_ring_crop

The Six Steps:

Step 1: Consultation

All lilymccallin bespoke work begins with a consultation. We will ask you the following questions:

Do you have a set deadline?
Do you have a budget in mind?
Do you have an idea of what materials you would like to use?
Do you already have a vision of what you would like the rings to look like, and if so, can you send us some sketches/ try to describe your vision?
We find that some customers are very clear about what they want and some prefer a little more guidance.

Step 2: Meeting

When we have reached a rough agreement regarding deadline, budget and materials, you will be invited for an optional initial meeting at our studio in Hackney Wick, East London.

This is so that we can measure your ring size.
Some customers also like to visit the studio to take a look at sample materials and some of our other designs.

At the studio we have lots of different shapes of wire and metal samples. We can spend some time paying around with shapes, textures, widths and thicknesses until you find something you’re really excited about.


If you live too far away and / or you’re not able to make it to London for a meeting, please do not worry, as we are more than happy to further discuss your options remotely.

Step 3: Written Agreement

We will send you a written agreement via email outlining the terms of our agreement. To see a sample contact, please click here.

Step 4: Making the Master

Typically your ring will originally be made in brass or silver. This is so that any mistakes that are made are less expensive to correct than in gold.

Step 5: Casting and Finishing

At this stage a mould will be taken from the master ring and the ring will be cast into gold. For this ring pictured we used certified Fairtrade Gold from the Sotrami mine in Peru.


The ring will be professionally polished by our bespoke team.

Step 6: Hallmarking

The ring will be taken to the assay office to be hallmarked.


Here you can see the 7 marks, including FBL (lilymccallin) our diamond pencil logo and the Fairtrade Gold Stamp.

We pride ourselves on approachable and thorough customer service. We appreciate that this is a big purchase for most people, and so we understand the importance of getting it just right. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line if anything is unclear; we are always happy to hear queries and feedback.


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