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lilymccallin Jewellery Workshops and Hen Parties

lilymccallin jewellery making workshops are ideal for hen parties, work parties, after school clubs, women’s institute meetings and birthdays. Please keep scrolling down to see more workshop photos and info…


Lily has run workshops for groups of all sizes and ages, with experience working for the Women’s Institute (with groups of up to 65 women), Craft Central, the Fashion and Textile Museum and Hackney council, as well as corporate responsibility workshops for the Chartered Insurance Institute.

For some quick answers to your individual requirements please email or call 07932 785 586

Otherwise here is some more info about our most popular workshop…

Workshop 1: The necklace

The aim of this workshop is to make a necklace using reclaimed vintage materials or ‘frilly bits’.
Here are some examples of what can be made:

We highly recommend that people bring along any odd earrings, broken jewellery and other ‘frilly bits’ they may have inherited, as it is a really good way to personalise and make something new from something that would otherwise be disregarded.

If however, people don’t have their own bits to bring, that’s not a problem, as there will be plenty to work with…

Polaroid PDC 4350

The venue/ location is very much up to you. We have tried and can recommend a few venues in Central London, but if you have a venue in mind we can be flexible to fit in with your requirements. Perhaps you would prefer to do the workshop at your home or in your local pub!

Crafternoon tea

lilymccallin has teamed up with the lovely Becky and Nat from Teas Knees to bring you crafternoon tea.
These two know everything there is to know about tea and cake.


To discuss pricing please email or call 07932 785 586

Here is a quick quote from Laura Glendinning at Forest gate WI:

“Thank you so much for a fabulous evening. I have had so much positive feedback from people. I think what people enjoyed most was having a creative activity which they could also socialise around well, I honestly feel I am a very uncreative sort of person but I am actually wearing my necklace today!”

Here are some more images from our most recent hen party at the Royal Inn on the park in Victoria park…

Lily Teaching…


Afternoon tea by the Teas Knees…

HB_226 HB_447 HB_327




Here is a nice picture of the ladies at West Dreyton WI enjoying their necklaces…





2 thoughts on “lilymccallin Jewellery Workshops and Hen Parties

  1. Helen Wright says:

    Thank you so much for coming all the way from London to do the workshop, so many people came up to me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed it, lots of people wore their pieces out that night and the following day and I think we may have some budding jewelers in our midst. A resounding success, so a huge thank you from us.

  2. Mollie says:

    Great website 🙂

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