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Perhaps it is important to you to make sure that your item of jewellery is as ethical and ecological as possible, or you want to know how and where your item was made.

At lilymccallin we are passionate about these things too, which is why we offer transparency at all stages of our supply chain.

If you see something you like on our website, email us and ask for a quote to have it made in Fairtrade Gold or 100% recycled silver.

More about Fairtrade Gold and Silver

The Fairtrade Gold and Silver Standards are helping miners in Africa and South America to work their way out of poverty. Mining organisations who comply with Fairtrade Standards receive the Fairtrade Premium per kilo on top of Fairtrade Minimum Price.

The largest producer of Fairtrade Gold is in Peru. With support from Fairtrade , SOTRAMI miners group in Peru has reported to have achieved the following…

* Their mine supports 500 families.

* Child labour has been eradicated.

* Chemicals are only used by trained workers.

* They have formed women’s groups with a creche to support female workers.

* The local community has established a community pre school for 140 children.

* The mine houses 900 miners.

By opting to have your item made in Fairtrade Gold or Silver you are supporting organisations like this and making a difference to people’s lives.

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