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The Complicated Business of Sourcing ‘Ethical’ Gemstones for Jewellery.

In this article, I document my second visit to the gemstone mines of Sri Lanka and some cutting factories. In a recent article, which you can read here, I wrote about my first visit...

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New Ancient Awe Collection


We would like to introduce you to lilymccallin’s Ancient Awe collection.

These designs are inspired by some of the first pieces of jewellery ever made. We have taken inspiration from the materials and colours used by our ancestors, focusing specifically on texture and gemstones.

We have developed and perfected a ‘hand – hammered’ finish, which creates a light reflecting textured surface that twinkles.
We have chosen to combine this classic aesthetic with gemstones often used in ancient Egyptian jewellery. Lots of lapis lazuli and turquoise, and for a flash of red we have introduced fire opal.

These pieces are hand made originally by Lily. The pieces are then duplicated in small batches by London specialists, ensuring exclusivity, quality and strength.


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