Hi. My name is Lily McCallin.

I am an independent jewellery designer and jeweller with 18 years experience.
I design and create playful experimental jewellery that is built to last generations. 

Currently my passion is in creating experimental textures through the use of sand casting. See my latest ‘Jagged’ collection for more info.


Lily McCallin jewellery, previously known as FrillyByLily was born in 2006 when I developed a hobby for collecting and reworking discarded vintage and costume jewellery into modern wearable items. For years I would give new life to odd and broken costume jewellery.

This hobby quickly became an obsession and a full time job and over time I developed a desire to create jewellery that I could design and make from scratch.

My portfolio of stockists includes Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters as well as a whole host of carefully selected independent boutiques. Press features include The Independent, Grazia and Cosmopolitan as well as a feature on BBC Radio.


It is hard to choose one thing that inspires me the most, but here are a few:

  • The behaviour, texture, malleability and shine of metal.
  • The irresistible sweet shop allure of colourful gemstones.
  • Learning ancient jewellery making practices.
  • Playful sculpture.
  • Staring at paintings in galleries.
  • Exploring other cultures.
  • The natural world; trees, flowers and space.
  • Architecture and spaces.


As precious metals and gemstones are mined from the earth, I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to minimise this impact both socially and environmentally. I strive to create positive change through jewellery in an industry that is notoriously exploitative.

Recycled Metals
As of summer 2019, all jewellery is made using precious metals that are 100% recycled as standard. Refined back to their pure form and re-alloyed before use. Withholding exactly the same chemical properties as “fresh metal” but containing no newly mined material. Admittedly, not all of my product descriptions are up to date with this. If there is something you are not sure about, please drop me a line.

I encourage customers who have an inherited piece of jewellery that is not quite right for them, to remodel it into something new. If this is you, please get in touch! I also sometimes buy scrap metal from customers to deduct from their overall quote.

Carbon Footprint and Home Economy
As everything is manufactured and assembled in London and the north of England, I am supporting a local economy and the carbon footprint of the business is reduced.

Diamonds and Gemstones
The business of ethically sourcing diamonds and gemstones is complicated, but I am learning as much as I can and publishing my findings in my blog.

I favour gemstone suppliers who have similar progressive inclinations and are open to a conversation about it. When supplier sustainability standards are not up to scratch, I endeavour to work with them to find ways to be.

It is also possible to buy diamonds and gemstones for your jewellery second hand or at auction. Please let me know if this is of interest.

I do sometimes turn down work if it is impossible to trace diamonds / gemstones back to the source. 

I write articles, create social media posts and challenge suppliers about the existing labour and environmental standards of precious materials.

When purchasing an item of Lily McCallin jewellery, you are also supporting my campaigning endeavour towards a fairer, greener jewellery industry.

Fairtrade Gold
I use Fairtrade Gold upon customer request. Please email me if you would like your jewellery to be made in Fairtrade Gold.

Lily McCallin jewellery will never be ‘throw away’ and a lot of what I make is made to order. I design and create jewellery built to stand the test of time.

Chains, findings and plating
Currently sourcing recycled or Fairtrade gold chains, findings and plating is not easy. If you know of any such suppliers, I would love to hear from you. There is also always the option to buy second hand. Please ask about this if it is of interest.

Empowering, encouraging fairness and creating positive change
When delegating, I seek to positively discriminate women and people of colour where possible. Making jewellery can be back breaking work. I never knowingly underpay or exploit.


Over the years I have attended lots of jewellery making and gemmology courses at Morley College, Gem A and The City Lit. 

I completed my degree in Graphic Design at Falmouth College of Arts. I take pride in using these skills for my CAD, branding, packaging, and other printed material.

How the Jewellery is Made

I work in a variety of ways depending on what suits the design itself. The way each item is made should be clearly described in each item description. If it is not and you are curious, please drop me a line. Most of my work is made either by hand or with the use of 3D printing technology.

I then employ the specialist skills of casters and stone setters to reproduce my work in small batches.

I prefer the quality and aesthetic that hand-finishing brings, and my main priority is designing and producing quality jewellery that will stand the test of time.

Ready to Wear Collections

Browse the online shop to see photos and descriptions of jewellery that I either have in stock or can make to order. If anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Bespoke Jewellery Service

I always encourage customers to commission bespoke pieces and I take pride in providing customer service that is approachable and reliable. I never promise to finish a job by a given deadline unless I am 100% certain that I can keep that promise.