Commission Agreement 15/01/16


This is an agreement between lilymccallin and Simon Richards by which we agree that:

lilymccallin shall create the following proposed work:



An 18Ct Fairtrade white gold hallmarked engagement ring. Size F1/2.

5 round diamond cut diamonds: 2.7-3.5mm

In consideration for lilymccallin creating the proposed work using his/her best aesthetic, skill and judgement, the commissioner shall pay to the Artist £xxxx as follows:

£xxx by bank transfer before she starts to execute the work; and

£xxx by bank transfer when the artist gives the Commissioner written notice that the work is completed.


lilymccallin shall retain the copyright in the work; she may chose to create duplicates and or similar items based on this design unless an exclusivity agreement is reached.

Signed:_________ (the Artist) and_________ (the Commissioner).

Date: 15/01/16



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